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Posted on February 6th, 2012 by Jason

This is one of the skis we are most excited about after visiting SIA. Just a couple of seasons ago many people thought 105 was the sweet spot for ski width, but as more and more skis have swelled past 115mm under foot the new norm for width is becoming much wider.  The 2013 K2 Pettitor is Sean Pettit’s first pro model ski, and definitely belongs to that “new-school” mentality clocking in at 120mm under foot.  It still has plenty of side cut though, so along with a decent amount of torsional rigidity, expect it to perform fairly well on hard pack.

Of course early rise is on board for plenty of float in deep snow, and even though this ski is obviously meant for charging big lines just like Sean, based on the specs, we expect it to perform well across a wide range of conditions, for most decent skiers.

Stay tuned for an on-snow review of this one in the coming weeks, where hopefully our intuition about this being a super fun ski will prove correct.

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