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Posted on January 30th, 2012 by Kyle

2013 DPS Ski

New to the DPS family this year you’ll be able to find the 2013 DPS Nina 99 and also the 2013 DPS Wailer 99. Both are designed to be the ski you can use day in and day out regardless of the conditions. If these new skis are anything like their brother’s and sisters that have come before them, they’re going to be awesome. DPS is well known for their award winning designs so theres no reason to think the new Wailer and Nina are going to be any different. Though they didn’t have the newest version of the DPS spoon at the show, you can bet it’s still around and still being perfected. Since it’s debut they’ve changed up the spoon just a bit to add another set of “cleats” to the edge to give it a total of 3 per side of each ski. Currently in it’s 3rd round of testing, the DPS spoon could just be the future of deep pow skiing.

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