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Posted on January 10th, 2012 by Kyle

If you haven’t heard by now, Armada Skis is adding to their line up for 2013. Introducing the 2013 Armada Bubba ski. So where does the 2013 Armada Bubba fit into place at Armada? Well think of it as the result of the Armada JJ and the Armada ARG being thrown into a pot of extremely face scalding temps and melted down to a mushy paste then thrown into a ski press. Disturbingly beautiful isn’t it? Behold the result, the 2013 Armada Bubba ski. Coming in three sizes (only 2 at the moment) – 168, 178, 188cm. The 168cm will be available come Fall. Currently you might be lucky enough to find the Bubba ski available at a few brick and mortar stores, evo being one of them. But not until next year will they be available on the wonderful world of screens and chords (internet). Since evo is one of the beholders of the magical Armada Bubba ski you can bet they did a hell of a run down on it when it showed up. Check that out riiiiiiiiiight HERE! Otherwise take a gander at the dimensions and video below and start dreaming of Bubba.

p.s. fitting graphics eh? Given that the world is supposed to end and all this December. Hopefully the snow falls before then and the masses get to destroy some pow on the Bubba before then…


-168cm: 125/140/122/129/119 (19m) *NOT NOW!

-178cm: 130/145/127/134/124 (20m) Get’em at evo Seattle

-188cm: 135/150/132/139/129 (21m) Get’em at evo Seattle



One Response to “2013 Armada Bubba Ski”

  1. Matt says:

    A little info on myself:
    5’6 – 160lb
    Current Quiver (lots of redundancy): 188 Bubba, 183 Chetlers, 185 Patron, 176 Tst (tour), 186 ARG, 169 Ledge
    Owned or spent time on: Access, S7, JJ
    Home resorts: Alpental & Crystal Mountain

    Picked up a pair of 188 Bubbas in Whistler in late December and got to put in a good 7 very deep days on them throughout the epic season the PNW was able to enjoy. To be honest the description by Armada should have stated, “if you love the JJ and want something fatter on very deep days, meet the Bubba.” On a very positive note the Bubbas are a blast in the deep stuff, both wet and dry. They turn on a dime and are very easy to control in the trees. They are pretty solid when riding left overs in all it’s forms but can deflect a bit but not much. Charging is a bit challenging as the tips are a bit soft and I hate to use the word floppy but at speed they have a tendency to jiggly like Chunk doing the “Truffle Shuffle.”

    In comparison to its powder brother the ARG it falls a little short. Though both skis rule the pow the ARG is a bit more surfy and though the Bubba does turn exceptionally well the ARG seems to have a much better sweet spot, has a better pivot, and is a bit more playful. The Bubba has more of the ride similar to the JJ or Chet with an enhanced float while the ARG is an entirely different type of ride. The best way to describe the ARG is surfy.

    McConkey had it right with the reverse side cut / reverse camber design and though many of the design developments since his Spatula are amazing, for pure powder, there is nothing better. Bottom line, if you already own a ski like the JJ or Chetler and are looking for something amazing on the very deep days go ARG. If you want a fun pair of boards that are a bit more versatile but leans towards solid powder days, meet Bubba.

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