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Posted on January 18th, 2012 by Kyle

It’s time, well almost. In about a week we’ll be on our way to Denver for the mother of all snow industry trade shows, SIA 2012. Which just seems crazy since I’m looking out my window at the first real snow storm of the year as I type. Anyway, If you followed us there last year then you know the drill, check back often starting Thursday Jan 26th through…who knows how long it’s going to take us to get all the content up. If you didn’t follow our coverage last year then here’s what to expect. LOTS OF NEW 2013 SKI GEAR. An endless sea of pictures, videos, and posts on new ski gear from all the big players in the ski industry. We’re talking 2013 Rossignol, Salomon, K2, Armada, Line, Icelantic, Lib….you get the idea. This is your heads up, the new gear is coming and you’ll be able to check it all out right here come next week! But it’s not all work and no play at SIA. Many of you (yes many, i’ve seen the Google Analytics #’s) remember the Ladies of SIA post we did last year, don’t worry the sequel is on its way. We’ll also be checking out the party scene a bit this year so who knows, there might even be some “look how cool this party is that you can’t go to!” posts. Though we’ll try and keep them tasteful. Whatever that means.

If that wasn’t enough. 2 weeks after the 2012 SIA Snow show we’re heading to Snow Basin, UT for the 2012 On Snow Demo with the mission of demoing as many of the skis you guys want to read reviews on. After last years success in the review department, you can be we’ll be back at it this year and will be doing all we can to bring you as many reviews as possible. Hopefully this year Mother Nature brings cooperates a bit more and we see some of that 6% Utah pow to test out all the new 2013 skis. And just to show you we care…If you’ve got a pair of skis that you’ve been wondering about but just don’t have the ability to demo yourself, send us a note, comment, or whatever and we’ll what we can to get on them and get a legit demo of them up. That way you’re not out there shopping completely uninformed.

So there you go. It all starts next week. So check back and check back often. This winter might just be getting going, but next Winters gear is already here!

and just to give you a better idea of what SIA is, in case you don’t know that is….here’s a goofy little video.

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