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Posted on January 11th, 2011 by Kyle

The 2011/12 Rossignol S7 lurking amongst his 2011 Brothers and Sisters.

Walking through the local shop today, something green happen to catch my eye. Could that be what I think it is? Indeed, a pair of 2012 Rossignol Super 7′s! So of course I had to snap a few shots of them for everyone to see. My first thoughts were confirmed by the shop tech, Rossignol didn’t make any changes for the 2012 Super 7 other than the graphics which makes me think the same will be true for the rest of the S7 line. Kind of a bummer, but I suppose they’re going with the mindset “if it ain’t broke…” I will say that the graphics are my favorite to date for the S7 series. Though I haven’t seen any other size than the 195′s that were in the shop. According to the Rossignol Rep, only a few pairs of the 2012 Super 7′s have been shipped out to stores. So if they’re on your list and you happen to find a pair I wouldn’t hesitate on picking them up! Just think how much cooler you’ll be on the hill if you’re rockin’ next year’s already. Why, I bet you could even spin a “Yea…I ride for Rossi, they just wanted me to test em’ out and give some feedback…” story and pull a few digits. Cheers!

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Proof that I’m not imagining things…

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7 Responses to “2012 Rossignol Super 7 Sighting?”

  1. Lane says:

    Confirmed that new Rossi’s are avaailble!!!!

  2. Doug from Whistler says:

    They are definitely available. I bought one of the first pairs of 188 cm 2012 Super S7′s at CanSKI in Whistler last Saturday. First ride was Sunday in 55 cm new snow (past 48 hours) all new as high Alpine had been closed all day Saturday. These are awesome. It took half a turn to get used to the feel…I have riden Rosi B2 and B3′s since 2004, somaybe that helped. But these are way different design, and seemed easy to adjust to. Totally amazing in the powder. It was fairly heavy west coast powder, but these floated through effortlessly. Then I took them in the glades on Blackcomb. They carve through deep powder like a carving ski on packed powder, and you can easily crank tight radius between the trees. I have actually never felt so much in control in powder. Then I tried ‘deep and steep’ on Spanky’s Ladder. Again, they made it easy. I did not expect they would be very good as I headed down to packed powder and harder conditions at lower altitudes…but they were great. Pretty smooth at high speed carves, and they roll into the turns really well even though they are the fattest skis I have ever riden. And bonus…the powder crowd, lifties, and even the bus driver spotted the 2012′s…fun while it lasts. Nice job Rosi…I think these are the perfect Coastal Mountain skis. PS I am 185 lbs, thought about the 195cm but picked the 188cm so I would have the mobility in glades…good choice, as they are fine at higher speeds too.

  3. Kyle says:

    Doug, we couldn’t agree more. Me and fellow SkiersRealm’r Jason got the chance to demo the S7′s up @ Mission Ridge this year at the On Snow Demo. They rocked for sure. I think they were Jason’s favorite ski of the day, and were my #3 (I was super pumped on the Moment Bibby Pro & Atomic Bent Chetler). But the S7 & Super7 are just rediculous. It makes no sense I know, but I think they didn’t get my top spot just because I already knew they were such a clutch ski. Anybody is going to be happy on those bad boys! Thanks for the review!

  4. JS says:

    I can confirm that they are awesome!!! I just bought some (195cm) while in Whistler last week-end – where it snowed like mad! I went cat skiing with them in 1.5 meters of snow Monday and they are – once again – awesome! Unbelievable how easy they make skiing that stuff. And BTW, they really do look cool too :)

  5. grammer dude says:

    duh, kyle you meant “Jason and i”
    drop Jason–how does “me got the chance to demo” sound?

  6. Kyle says:

    dang. I believe I just got served…err, me just got served!

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