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Posted on February 13th, 2011 by Kyle

Alright time to review what ended up being my favorite ski from the NW On Snow Demo in Mission Ridge this year. The Moment Bibby Pro. This was the first time I’ve been able to get on a pair of skis from Moment so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew they had a pretty good reputation and that it looks like somebody cut off the ends of their tips and tails. Other than that it was a clean slate for me going in.

I rode the Bibby in a 184cm which is probably the perfect length for me. I’m 165lb and 5’11″ on a good day. If you don’t know the ski already, Moment’s Bibby Pro resides in their “JIB” category. The description from the Moment webpage I think does the ski more justice and the category label….”solid throughout with a stiff tail to manage hard landings and straight line exits. From powder to chop, MUSTACHE technology brings the buttery, surfy feel of reverse camber with the powerful edging and stability of traditional camber on tap when you need it.” To me that says take me anywhere you want to go. The dimensions of the ski are 142-116-133, not your normal park ski dimensions. Which is why I was drawn to them from the start. After asking the boy’s in the Moment booth a few questions about them I picked up that this ski is one of Moment’s biggest sellers. So let’s ride em’.

Alright so almost immediately I noticed how fun this ski was. Moment was right on with their description, the ski can basically match your mood. If you want to to play, then it’s ready to play on a moment’s notice. No pun intended. Well maybe a little. And if you want to get down to business and dig in your heels, the Bibby Pro is ready for it. It’s super steady at high speeds and can hold an edge well. I did have to put a little more into it than say the Rossignol Super 7, but not enough for me to say that I really had to work at carving. The turning radius was money as well. I’m not sure what the exact numbers are on it, but it was enough to rip into some sharp turns and also to draw them out if I wanted. For having a decent stiffness to them, they also had a good amount of pop to them. Which was another reason I thought they were a playful ski. So on the groomers they rocked, how bout off of them? Well I really didn’t have a complaint there either. There was just enough snow on the side of the runs for me to get a decent experience in some soft stuff. The Bibby Pro handled the varying snow conditions no problem. Their agility was awesome in the trees and when I got them into the open they were stable enough for me to point them straight ahead and not worry about the inconsistencies in the snow. Which I was impressed with their ability to mob through bumps being they were a lighter ski.


So in all honesty this was my favorite ski of the day, and that’s going up against the Armada JJ’s, Rossignol Super 7, and the Atomic Bent Chetler. No question, I could rock this ski every day no matter the conditions. The Bent Chetler was a very close #2 actually and depending on snow conditions probably could take the top spot. But there was just something about the Bibby Pro. I would reccomend the 2012 Moment Bibby Pro to anyone looking for an all-mountain, one-quiver ski.

Purchase 2012 Moment Bibby Pro’s Here!

11 Responses to “2012 Moment Bibby Pro: Official Review”

  1. Andy says:

    Hey Kyle – great review, good to read about these so early in the day.

    So I’ve a question – I skied the 2011 Bent Chets out in Japan earlier this year and loved them but I thought they might just be a touch too soft for me. Are the Bibby’s a bit stiffer? And if so, presumably they’re nothing like as stiff as something like a Volkl Gotama or something.

    Basically I’d loke to buy a slightly stiffer version of the Bent Chets but I don’t think the JJ or the ObSETHed fits the bill. Maybe the Bibby or the Francis Bacon?

    Any thoughts would be awesome!

  2. Kyle says:

    Funny I just skied my buddies 2010 Bent Chets 2 days ago and was surprised by how soft they felt. I don’t remember the 2012′s having so much flex, which could be from them being new or perhaps they changed the construction. But I haven’t heard of any changes constructionwise. I do think the Moment Bibby Pro’s are stiffer though. Moment runs carbon fiber stringers inside them to stiffen them up without sacrificing lightness. Other than that I’d just remember that the Bibby’s are 116 in the waist and the Atomic Bent Chetlers are 123mm. Definitely a difference but I think 116mm is plenty big to ride any pow. Check back soon for a review on the Line Sir Francis Bacon’s, I’m in the middle of writing it as we speak.

    I’m a strong believer in demoing before buying, so I definitely recommend riding anything you’re considering purchasing. But keep SkiersRealm in mind when you’re ready to pull the trigger. We’ll being carrying both Line and Moment skis this upcoming winter! STOKED!!!

  3. Jay says:

    Hey Andy, if you are looking for a stiff Bent Chetler the Surface New Life is the way to go… or a longer Bent Chetler!

  4. Kyle says:

    I really want to get on some Surface skis. Never gotten the chance to check them out. You’re pretty stoked on them tho Jay?

  5. Ethan says:

    Thanks for the review. I was wondering how the Bibby Pros compared with the Night Trains, besides the obvious dimension differences. Is the Bibby stiffer? Does the Night Train float better?
    Also, how do both of these skis compare with Liberty’s Double Helix? How do you like their Stealth Rocker. I want to compare it to the Bibbys and Night Trains but I can’t find the ski’s profile anywhere.
    Sorry, that’s a lot of questions.

  6. Jason says:

    @Andy, not sure if you’re considered the Super 7, but if you want something that is stiffer than the BC but in the same general realm as far as shape and performance goes, that would be a natural one to look at.

  7. Kyle says:

    I haven’t actually ridden the Night Trains but I’m going to guess they’re going to float better in the pow. Not only are they wider at the waist and all around, but they have Moment’s Twin Rocker which means a flat base underfoot. The Bibby Pro’s have the Mustache Rocker which has camber underfoot. They both have the same Aspen/Pine core so the stiffness should be similar.

    I haven’t had a chance to ride the Double Helix either but from their new catalog it sounds like they’re almost an in between of the the two Moment skis. Hope that helps, bring on the questions!

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  9. Jaisuapar says:

    Anyone could compare the bibby pro and the 4frnt turbo? I´m looking for a responsive ski which can handle real difficult terrains. Stiff for the straight lines, kind of 23-25m radius. I don´t know if these skis match my wishes. I´ve heard that the turbo does, but I want to have more models to compare. Any thoughts would be awesome, thanks to everyone!!

  10. Kyle says:

    What’s up man, check the reply to your Q’s over on the Heavy Hitters article.

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