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Posted on January 20th, 2011 by Kyle

So what’s new at line for 2012? Well at least two things you can expect are the 2012 Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus and the 2012 Line Influence. These days the fat-ski learning curve seems to be exponential and  ski companies aren’t hesitating to not only jump on the Band Wagon but they’re fighting for the driver seat. A driver seat that line has been sitting in for years now. When asked what trends are hot in the ski arena right now, Line responded with “Excess ski widths & excess rocker shapes with excess promises of what they can do for skiers. At Line we’ve been to the edge and back with 15 years worth of wacky prototypes and now landed at a more precise & sensible use for all the smart, new technologies that have been developed over the past 15 years.” Those “precise & sensible use’s” coming in the form of the Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus and the Line Influence.

Mr. Pollard’s Opus, a men’s specific skis is Eric Pollard’s new masterpiece is slightly narrower than past years for increased versatility while actually improving float. Which is accomplished with a highly evolved Early Rise rocker design that is precisely blended with the Early Taper as well as a stiffer, more reliable flex pattern. Look for the Mr. Pollard’s Opus to be available with 144-118-141 dimensions.

Get your hands Line’s Mr. Pollard’s Opus!


The Line Influence is a new model that is targeted at freeriders ready for a little more horsepower than Line’s previous Prophet 100 to get beyond the groomed, but also don’t want to be limited by a powder ski. The new Influence 105 puts them right in the sweet spot for the best of both worlds. The Line influence will be available with 141-105-131 dimensions.

Get your hands on some Line Influences!

Line Influence 105

Line Influence 115

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