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Posted on January 29th, 2011 by Kyle

Here’s the lineup from Liberty Skis for 2012. I’ve been wanting to see these in person for a while and now that I have I can’t wait to demo them. All of them. Not only were they one of the funnest looking lineups, they also had the widest skis at the show and as far as I know, the widest in the market. The Genome at 141mm underfoot and the Mutant @ 149mm! Nutso. Check below the gallery for all the dimensions.

LTE: 157-113/80/103, 164-116/83/105, 171-116/83/105, 178-116/87/105

Antigen: 168, 176, 178-116/89/115

Morphic: 164-115/85/110, 171,181,186-126/94/119

Helix: 167, 176, 182, 187-135/105/122

Double Helix: 174, 182, 190-150/121/140

Genome: 181, 187, 194-170/141/156

Mutant: 192, 160/149/145

Envy Powder: 156-135/105/125, 167-135/105/122

Envy All-Mtn: 157-113/80/103, 164-115/85/110

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  1. Tim Toodle says:

    Liberty Skis are sick!

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