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Posted on January 29th, 2011 by Kyle

Here’s one of my favorites from the SIA Snow Show this year. Icelantic’s line up for 2012 was probably one of the most fun looking in the industry. We’ll get some hard info up on them ASAP. Oh yea and is that an Icelantic split board?? You better believe it!

New for 2012 comes the Icelantic Gypsy ski. With the power and flair of a walrus there is not much you can’t do on these almost symmetrical, reverse camber deep pow sticks. The Gypsy’s dimensions are 152mm in the tip with a 125mm waist and a 147mm tail which enables them to bounce playfully in deep snow. The soft flex will be fun in the powder and will also help engage the contact points when on hard pack. This ski is meant to be multi-dimensional whether your skiing on the front side, in side country or heading into the back country. Just like it’s spirit animal the Gypsy is meaty, quick, and nimble with the bonus of a fantastic mustache.

Model:Available Sizes:Dimensions:
(NEW) The Gypsy170, 180, 190152/125/147
The Keeper167, 178, 189150/119/136
The Shaman161, 173, 184160/110/130
The Nomad156, 168, 181140/105/130
The Oracle155, 165, 175138/100/120
The Pilgrim151, 177, 184, 191129/95/121
Twenty Twelve163, 169, 179127/90/115
Lord160, 170, 180118/88/118
The Scout (Kids)143140/85/130
The Gemini Split Board158, 161, 163Its a snowboard

26 Responses to “2012 Icelantic Skis: Live from #SIA11”

  1. RIchard McDaud says:

    These have to be the dorkiest skis I have ever seen. The printing is great, but the artwork is awful. I don’t know anyone (seriously) that would want to ski on these things. Use that great printing for something better. The bases look clean and are actually moderately attractive.

  2. Kyle says:

    Ah! No way!! Man these were some of my most favorite at SIA. But to each his own. The shapes themselves were pretty tight. They all really looked like fun skis.

  3. Tim Toodle says:

    ^ I agree with Richard. I can’t believe that any real skier would want the icelandic skis, but everyone is entitled to his own opinion. I hope that when I test them again this year they don’t almost kill me. They pre-initiate on turns sooo bad I couldn’t stand to have them on my feet for more than one run. Maybe Kyle is shorter than I am !!

    Have a great show everyone!!

  4. TMoney says:

    Wow, the staid conservative skier’s voices really are overwhelming! I have been on Icelantics for 4 seasons & cannot imagine skiing on anything else. My skiing experience is over 30 yrs, went to snowboarding for 5 – 10 years & now skiing again like I haven’t in years. I suspect the “real skiers” have been brainwashed by the mainstream brands. That’s fine stick with what works for you but don’t knock the line until you’ve given them an honest try.

  5. TMoney says:

    I have a great idea let’s print some really edgy stripes or metallic designs. Wait that’s what has been done in the ski industry so far.

  6. Kyle says:

    @TMoney, what Icelantic’s do you ride? I got on a pair of The Keepers just the other day. They def weren’t what I was expecting. I’m in the process of reviewing them right now. I will say that I prob didn’t get to ride them as much as I should have to do a propper review. But I’ve been on enough skis to know a good idea of what’s up after a run or two. I haven’t lost hope for them, especially when I know there are those out there like yourself who swear by them. Check the review and let me know your feedback!

  7. TMoney says:

    Nomads & shamans – the more I ski them the more I like ‘em

  8. Kyle says:

    I’ve heard good things about the Shamans. I need to get on a pair. Did they take some getting used to or was it love at first descent?

  9. TMoney says:

    Did take awhile; last season totally digging my Nomads, this season since I am post op (new hip) have to stay out of the trees so ripping on Shamans. Really a fun ski. May have to try a Gypsy next season

  10. Keith says:

    Awesome artwork!! Can’t wait to get me a couple pairs.

  11. Kyle says:

    Seriously, the artwork on the skis is insane. the belong on walls when not underfoot in the pow!

  12. Ice says:

    Richard Mc(douche) and Tim,
    The very first commet is a joke. You have not skiied on Icelantic skiis if you are making commets like this. Best brand/ski on the market, local and quality. What more could you ask for? If you have a problem w/ the graphics then buy some from austria. Best artwork though, for any new skiis. Why would you want a racer looking ski when you can have a local, feel good vibe with down to earth artist that is original, not just to have the brand(name) on the ski and charge a (g) for it. Best value, quality, variety of ski shapes/dimensions for deep pow and all mountain tools. I feel that most negative repliers are rich 10-20 day skiiers that have now resonable reponse to what a quality ski is like or feels like.
    Some advice to Tim and Dick, keep trying, your ski will find you, you rich dicks, literally mr. MrDaud.

  13. Mark says:

    Without question the best art work in the ski industry. There is no real competition. McDaud not only has no clue about art, he has not yet realized he lost his clue. But I did not buy Shamans for the art – I bought them because I love how they ski. I like Armada ARGs (except for the construction quality), Hellbents, JJs, S7s, all of which I have skied a fair bit. Cannot go switch on the Shamans, but as a single-ski-in-the-quiver it is unbeatable. Curious about the Gypsy.

  14. Kyle says:

    Totally agree with about the artwork. Everyone who agrees might like this link. Sends you over to some more examples of one of their artist’s work. Icelantic Art

  15. Michael says:

    54 years old, art school grad, now a lawyer, ski expert runs with panache, and I think McDaud is full of egg mcmuffins. The art work is the best in the business.

  16. pinner says:

    someone help me…Gypsy or The keeper? I cant decide wich one to buy.

  17. Kyle says:

    haha, yea tough call Pinner. Well what kind of terrain are you going to be riding mostly? we’ll start and go from there..

  18. pinner says:

    colorado backcountry and some resort, trips to inner b.c….thanks for the reply.

  19. Kyle says:

    Well the main thing to consider here is The Gypsy is a full rockered ski and The Keeper is early rise in the tip and tail with Camber under foot. Now I know Icelantic designed The Gypsy to have better than average edge contact when laying it on it’s side. But I don’t know if even with proportionalness of the design if that’s going to put it above a ski with traditional camber under foot, such as The Keeper. That being said, I know for a fact from the demo I did on them, The Keeper RAILS when you want it to. It was almost too much edge for me. But that was also the first time I’d been on them and they were literally out of the box new.

    My advice is this:
    1.Ride both if you can before you buy. If that’s not possible then…

    2. Really make the decision based on what you think you’re going to be riding more of this year. If you think it’s going to be a ton of Pow then The Gypsy (125mm underfoot, full rockered, twin-tip designed) could be a good one for you. But if you think it’s going to be more all-mountain riding then The Keeper (119mm underfoot, early rise/camber technology, directionally designed) is probably the way to go. If you can’t make up your decision that way then…

    3. Pick the one that has the artwork you like best! Icelantic has some dope graphics all around so you can’t really go wrong here!

    Hope that helps!

  20. pinner says:

    helps alot. thanks. i think the gypsy is the one for me. thanks again

  21. ScoHo says:

    I am trying to decide between the Shamans and the Nomads. Ski all Montana resorts, mostly Big Sky and backside of Disco. 5’11′ 180lbs. I have been skiing the Dynafit Manaslus and love them, but looking to get a fatter ski for my everyday big mountain one-quiver. Any advice?

  22. Kyle says:

    So the main diff, in short, is both are essentially all mountain skis and you’d probably be able to rock either 85-100% of the days. But if it was me I’d be asking myself am I more of a “Pow all mountain skier” or a “True all mountain skier”. Because really the Shaman is more of the powder skiers all mountain ski and the Nomad is more of the all mountain ski for those who rip all over the mountain, on and off piste, groomers, park, pow, trees, bumps….etc. For a 100% one-ski quiver do everything you could ever want ski, I would lean towards the Nomad. Hopefully that makes sense?

  23. ScoHo says:

    Thank you for the helpful advice. I really want to demo the Shamans this year, but I believe I am going to go with the Nomads. I am not sure btwn the 168cm or 181cm. My measurements again were 5’11″ and 180 lbs. I’m thinking the 168s may be just a tad short, but maybe not?

  24. Kyle says:

    I’m 5’10″ and 170lbs and my everyday skis are 189′s. So yea I’d be looking at the 181′s for sure. Those should be about perfect for you.

  25. Martin Ottosson says:

    For me the Shamans are outdated. The Keeper is the natural follower of Shaman, with the same tip initiated rather aggressive carve turn. The Keeper makes everything that the Shaman does, but most of it a lot better. The Shaman floats exceptionally bad for such a big ski. The ultra-high camber and stiff tip just kills all float, even if the tip is huge. DonĀ“t know if Icelantic kept the enormous camber for 2012, but it seems like it. A Shaman with zero camber, or slight, slight would be very interesting to try. Like a gigant BBR…

    Also, the tip can be hooky in difficult snow, even if that actually helps also in some snow, where you get like a servo-turn from the dominating tip. The Keeper on the other hand floats excellent, even in the 178cm length. The difference is MASSIVE compared to the sinker Shamans. At the same time, I find them more balanced on the groomer and more snappy in shorter turns. The grip is about the same, meaning about average for this market cathegory. So… Keeper or Nomad is a better question to ask yourself.

    FYI I own both Keepers 178cm and Shamans 184, and I prefer the Keeper in almost all conditions.

  26. Kyle says:

    Thanks for the good info Martin! I haven’t been on the Shamans yet and you’re reviews of the Keeper’s are making me want to ski them again to see if I would have better experience than the pair I demo’d late last year. I’ll be skiing them again for sure!

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