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Posted on April 12th, 2011 by Kyle

Alright so by special request we’re doing a post comparing several of what will be next  years biggest selling skis. Yes we already know this for sure simply because of where the industry is at and how their predacessors have performed. The skis we’re going to be looking at below include: 1. Armada JJ’s 2. Armada AKJJ’s 3. Rossignol S7′s 4. Rossignol Super 7′s 5. Atomic Bent Chetlers and 6. Moment Bibby Pro’s. These skis all have a reputation for being All-Mountain monsters (except the AKJJ’s of course since they’re new, but it’s a pretty safe assumption) and really purchasing any one of them is going to make you feel happy tingles from head to toes. But if you’re picky about what you ski on, and many of us are, you want to know the specifics of the skis you spend your hard earned cash on. Unemployment $$$ do apply. So we took each of the 6 skis and hit on specific items of spec’s and how they ski in certain situations. The below comparisons will target….

Tech & Specs:

  1. Length
  2. Dimensions
  3. Turn Radius
  4. Stiffness
  5. Rocker Profile
  6. Weight

Performance on:

  1. Pow
  2. Trees
  3. Groomers

And after all is said and done, you’ll know it all. Or maybe atleast which skis you’re going to be buying next year.

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Armada JJ


  • Length: 165, 175, and 185cm
  • Dimensions: 126-136-115-133-123
  • Turn Radius: 165cm & 175cm – 12m, 185cm – 14m
  • Weight: 9lbs…ish @ 185cm. Pretty light.
  • Rocker Profile: Tip and tail rocker, camber underfoot
  • Stiffness: Above average for the all-mountain type. Stiffest underfoot with the tail slightly stiffer than the tip.


Groomers: Great performance, definitely capable of carving it up at high and low speeds. Stable and feel in control.

Powder: Awesome in the pow. great float and plenty of playfulness. Slashes and butters with ease.

Trees: As long as your not riding a super lengthy ski for your person, these things are nimble and plenty agile to makes moves through the trees.

SkiersRealm Review: Armada JJ

Shop Specs – 2011 Armada JJ: Evo

Shop Specs – 2011 Armada JJ: Backcountry

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Armada AKJJ (Same graphics as JJ)


  • Length: 195cm
  • Dimensions: 131-141-120-138-128
  • Turn Radius: 18m
  • Weight: Slightly heavier than the JJ due to the added ski size
  • Rocker Profile: Tip and tail rocker, camber underfoot
  • Stiffness: Stiffer all around than the regular JJ, built for bigger lines and high speeds.


We haven’t actually skied the AKJJ yet. But I’m going to go on record and say that I’m sure it’s a great ski. The JJ’s themselves are such a dialed ski that if Armada used them as a base for designing the AKJJ I just can’t see how they could go wrong.

Rossignol S7


  • Length: 168, 178, and 188cm
  • Dimensions: 145-115-123
  • Turn Radius: 17.5m @ 188cm, 15-16m? @ 168 & 178 (168/178 turn radius estimates)
  • Weight: 10lbs…ish.
  • Rocker Profile: Tip and tail rocker, camber underfoot
  • Stiffness: Above average flex like the JJ, however I believe the flex pattern is more distributed from tip to tail.


Groomers: Awesome on the groomers. Rails short and quick turns, capable of longer high speed turns and doesn’t sacrifice stability.

Powder: You know this ski rocks in the pow. I know you’ve already heard this because 3 in 5 people own them it would seem like.

Trees: Definitely agile enough to rock the trees. This is a very responsive ski and if you’re experienced you’ll love them no matter where you take them.

Shop Specs - 2012 Rossignol S7: evo

Shop Specs – 2012 Rossignol S7: Backcountry

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Rossignol Super 7


  • Length: 188, and 195cm
  • Dimensions: 146-117-127
  • Turn Radius: 22.5m @ 195cm, 20m? @ 188 (188 turn radius is an estimate)
  • Weight: Slightly heavier than the regular S7′s due to more material in the larger ski as well as titanium stringers instead of carbon.
  • Rocker Profile: Tip and tail rocker, camber underfoot
  • Stiffness: Stiffer than the s7, flex pattern is similar though. This ski is built for bigger mountain lines and has the flex pattern to support that.


Groomers: Definitely more of a charger than the s7 due to the added length, turn radius and weight. But on a fresh groomer it will still rail turns and is as stable as any other ski out there.

Powder: Deep pow on wide open lines are where the Super 7 rules. If you can really open it up then you’re going to love these skis.

Trees: A doable feat, however you are sacrificing some agility with the bigger built ski. Experienced skiers will be able to pull it off but your everyday joe is going to be more happy on the regular s7 for sure.

SkiersRealm Review: Rossignol Super 7

Shop Specs - 2012 Rossignol Super 7: Backcountry

Shop Specs – 2012 Rossignol Super 7: evo

Buy 2012 Rossignol Super 7′s Here !

Bent Chetler


  • Length: 183, 192cm
  • Dimensions: 142/123/134 @ 183, 144.5/123/136.5 @ 192
  • Turn Radius: 19m @183, 20m @ 192
  • Weight: Lighter than the S7′s, closer to the JJ in weight
  • Rocker Profile: Tip and tail rocker, camber underfoot
  • Stiffness: Medium flex, stiffest underfoot. Softer flex gives the ski a lot more playfullness. But no sacrifice on stability.


Groomers: Able to perform on the groomers, but take a little more getting used to than the JJ or S7. Once you dial them in though, you’ll rave like everyone else.

Powder: Awesome. Simply Awesome.

Trees: Because the ski is so playful these things will rock the trees. The flex and popiness of the ski make it very agile and responsive.

SkiersRealm Review: Atomic Bent Chetler

Shop Specs - 2012 Bent Chetler: Backcountry

Shop Specs – 2012 Bent Chetler: evo

Buy 2012 Atomic Bent Chetler’s Here !

Moment Bibby Pro


  • Length: 174, 184, 190, 196cm
  • Dimensions: 174 & 184cm – 143/116/134, 190cm – 143/118/134, 196cm – 150/116/123
  • Turn Radius: 21m @ 174cm, 24.5m @ 184cm, 26.5m @ 190cm, 23m @ 196cm
  • Weight: Nice’n Light (aka: I don’t know for sure, but they felt light)
  • Rocker Profile: Moment Mustache Rocker, i.e. Rocker in the tip and tails, camber underfoot.
  • Stiffness: Good stiffness underfoot with the tips and tails at a medium


Groomers: Carve it up with the cambered underfoot, yet they keep the agility and playfulness of a ski with a less aggressive edge. Felt super stable at high speeds, even on the hard pack and shady/dare I say icy snow.

Powder: Definitely a fun ski for the pow. the 116-118mm waist is perfect for taking a ski from the groomers to the freshies. I thought the lightness of the ski helped it perform in the pow when compared to a ski like the Bent Chetler. Just gave it more of that snap feeling.

Trees: No issues here either. In the end, this ski is still my favorite out of all the ski’s listed in this comparison. I’d say it’s most similar to a Bent Chetler, but the difference in dimensions give it the edge in my view. For my ability, average about 75 days a season over the last two years, these were the skis that performed the best for me.

SkiersRealm Review: Moment Bibby Pro

Shop Specs – 2012 Moment Bibby Pro: Backcountry

Shop Specs – 2011 Moment Bibby Pro: evo

Buy 2012 Moment Bibby Pro’s Here !


If you’ve got another pair of sticks you’re wondering about and would like to see them compared to these or some other skis, just let us know!

57 Responses to “2012: Heavy Hitters::All-Mountain Ski Comparison”

  1. Brian says:

    Great work, solid reviews. Any chance you’re going to get ahold of the Salomon Rocker 2? I’d love to hear how you think it stacks up against the rest.

  2. Matt says:

    Nice but you really need to add the Armada TST and possible the Mr Pollard’s Opus

  3. Rhonda Fisher says:

    Definately need to add the Line Opus to this comparison, its in exact competition. Maybe the Moment Night Train too?

  4. sean says:

    Billy goat and night train seem to fit in with this group.

  5. Kyle says:

    Yea I want to add a few more for sure. This post originated as a user request and the ones I compared are what he was hoping to hear. But I agree, there are a few more that need to be on here. I’ll have to look into those you mentioned!

  6. Boax says:

    Good stuff guys, thanks!

  7. Jay says:

    I have to agree with the Bibby Pro review. I’ve skied the 190s 50 plus days off Big Sky’s tram. They are nimble and quick in the trees and bust through chop and wind crust like it is fresh pow. The Bibby is also stable and fun on groomers at high speed.

    (I think all these skis are great in pow and the Bibby is no different).

  8. Kyle says:

    Yep. By far my favorite ski I rode this year (for 2012 models). And I plan on adding a pair to my quiver next year.

  9. Jaisuapar says:

    Hi there!
    Kyle compare please the 4frnt turbo and the moment bibby pro. How do they handle real freeride skiing? I mean not only fluffy powder, also bad snows you can find out there with hard and difficult terrains where you need a ski stiffer than the JJ, TST or the S7…If you have any recommendation for this type of skiing is more than welcome! cheers

  10. Jaisuapar says:

    well, kyle or anybody else…

  11. Kyle says:

    I haven’t been on the 4frnt turbo yet, but it’s definitely on my list. The Bibby Pro is awesome, it’s what i’m going to pick up for next year. Absolutely. If you’re looking for a stiffer ski you might wanna check something like the Rossi Super 7, Line Influence, or even the AKJJ. What size skis are you on now?

  12. Jaisuapar says:

    I am 1´70m tall…so the AKJJ is too big for me. I think that the 1,84 would be my size for the bibby and 1,82 for the turbo. I´ve a question, are the line influence and the super 7 stiffer than the bibby?maybe is a stupid question but I don´t know how you measure this. but the turn radius of both skis is shorter (in same lengths more or less) than the bibby. thanks Kyle! best regards

  13. Brian C. says:

    I ski in on the East Coast in VT and I’m always in the woods,I was thinking about getting the new bacon’s, the mr. pollards opus or the bibby pro’s. Which would you say makes tighter turns and is better on moguls and ice and the east coast? Also do you have any other suggestions as far as skis to look into, I am 6 ft 170 lbs? I was thinking of getting the a ski 180 – 185cm and in the waist range of those.

  14. Kyle says:

    Well I had to convert the 1.7m tall to feet…but yea you’re right the AK JJ prob would be a bit tall for ya. I’m 5’10″ or 1.77m tall (thanks iphone) and I think the 184 is about the perfect length for me. I haven’t actually skied the Line Influence but I do think they are stiffer than the Bibby’s. I have skied the Super 7′s and didn’t notice to much of a difference but like you reference, measuring how stiff a ski is can be somewhat subjective. I really think the Bibby’s, Super 7′s or Atomic Bent Chetler’s are going to be up your alley. I can’t comment too much on the 4frnt Turbo cause I’ve never been on them, but they sound like they’re going to be similar as well. My top ski for what’s coming out next year is still the Moment Bibby Pro. Where are you from anyway Jaisuapar?

  15. Kyle says:

    Tighter turns have to go to the new Sir Francis Bacon’s. The completely new design, I thought, was all about the quick slalom type turns. So as long as you’re keeping those babies tuned up, moguls and ice should be no problem. Outside of the skis you listed, I’m thinking something like Armada’s new TST, or ARV could be up your alley. The Atomic Blog and Access are a couple of others. Also the Rossignol S3′s have been getting great reviews. The 4FRNT MSP could be another ski to check into or even the 4FRNT Turbo. Really, these days, every manufacturer is going to have some sort of model in the area you’re talking about, it will probably be labeled “all-mtn” or something like that and come with a waist width of 100mm to 110mm. Cheers!

  16. Jaisuapar says:

    I am from Spain, that is why I am not looking for an specific powder ski, cos here we don´t have the snow you have there… Here you can count the powder days on the fingers of one hand. I´m looking for a real freeride ski that could ski through everything, thinking on the variable snows, hard landings, icy stuff….thanks again Kyle for your help. Any new thoughts?I´m kinda lost because when I check all the forums and websites of US and Canada most people relate freeride with powder, and speak about trees, powder and groomed, but not about other type of terrains. And here don´t come brands as surface, moment, 4frnt, icelantic, etc….so I cannot test those kind of skis! Thanks again man, and any opinion from you is more than welcome. Cheers!

  17. Andrew says:

    Hi, looking for some insight to help next ski choice. Great review above though still struggling! Based in the UK and transitioning to spend most winters in Canada – just returned from a season in Red, and for next year will be there for 4 weeks towards the end of the season. If I leave to demo for real, unlikely that any of my first choices will be there….though I plan to demo in a uk snowdome – not quite the same! I’m 6’2″ tall, strong advanced, progressing to expert and currently running old scott missions and a pair of gotamas which have used for 2 years. The gotamas 186cm and pretty much runnng as my everyday when not in Europe, and a great ski. Looking for an additional ski to the gotama, a fatter ski focusing in BC, and mostly Red where good snow, great tight trees though not so much in huge wide sweeping bowls. Ski wants good float, turn on a dime for trees, jumps and drops, but don’t freestyle or ride switch, and probably not needed for full out charging. Keep going around with the Chetler first choice, then either JJ or Bibby. Would be great to hear any thoughts or ideas. Cheers

  18. Andrew says:

    Does anybody have strong views to help narrow the choice, cheers

  19. Kyle says:

    My #1 is the Moment Bibby Pro. Out of all these, it was by far my favorite. Super fun, agile, and versitile ski!

  20. Andrew says:

    Thanks Kyle. God review on the Moments though may be difficult to source from the UK – will start digging! I know I can find the others…..if no joy on the moment front, do you think there is a stand out 2nd ski? With length, not sure to keep in the 180′s rather than 190′s in length as will be used in tight trees a lot of the time, though 6’2″ tall. Thanks again for your help. Cheers

  21. Jordy says:

    I am trying to decide on pair of skis for next season. I ski lots of trees and powder and I am looking for something wider underfoot. I am was looking at the JJ and SFB, but may have been swayed to go towards the bibby pros after your article.

  22. Kyle says:

    Yea Jordy, all three are definitely rad skis. I totally recommend you demo them if you can, just to really get a feel for each. But if not, I think you’ll be stoked with all of them. The Bibby’s are definitely my fav’s though, they just felt so solid under all conditions. I noticed you didn’t list the Rossignol S7′s, any reason why?

  23. Jordy says:

    Your review on the bibbys said it took a little more to turn with the S7′s. I have heard only great things about the S7′s though, I saw them everywhere in CO this season. I have heard libirtys double helixs are a good all mountain ski too, any thoughts?

  24. Kyle says:

    I just double checked my review, I think i meant the Bibby Pro actually took a bit more to turn. Meaning, with the S7′s they almost take over when you want to turn but in a good way. Where with the Bibby’s you were more the controlling factor. Neither are difficult to ski though. I haven’t actually been able to ski anything from Liberty yet, but like you, I’ve heard great things. And I’ve started to notice more of them showing up behind the lense. To me, one of the factors that draws me to skis like the Bibby’s or the Double Helix’s is that the companies are smaller and less mainstream. If that makes sense, it’s kinda nice to know that you won’t see every joey out there riding your ski!

  25. Jordy says:

    I am definitely looking for a small less mainstream company. I was looking at Icelantic nomads, but fear they wont hold up at high speeds. The Bibbys are my front runner right now and I am going to look into the double helix’s and JJ’s some more. I am gonna try and demo early next season before I make a purchase. Thanks for all the input, you have been of much assistance.

  26. Chris says:

    Surface ONE LIFE? It would be great to have review of those skis to!! Surace is a great brand!!

  27. Gogo says:

    Hi guys, I’m from JAPAN. I’m looking for new pairs of rocker shaped ski with Marker tour bindings for touring back country. Then, how about Mr. Pollard’s opus or new Gotama ? I also think about S7 and JJ, so your reviews are helpful. Thanks!

  28. Kyle says:

    Yea the Mr. Pollard’s Opus and Gotamas would both work for sure. The Atomic Bent Chetler’s and Bibby Pro’s would too. Pretty much all of them. But one thing to consider if you’re going to be touring a good amount is weight. I’m not sure of the weight on the Gotama’s but I know the Opus’s, Bibby’ Pro’s and JJ’s are a lighter ski.

  29. Gogo says:

    Well I knew SFBs and JJs are litght skis. MPO is also light one, I got it. Do you know actually weight of SFB or MPO ? And, in some reviews in Japan, MPO is said to be a little too stiff to ski in tight trees. What do you think about?

  30. Kyle says:

    I skied the Opus’s in some trees up at Mission Ridge in WA and thought they were just fine. I actually was impressed with their agility and quick response. But I’m sure it comes down to the skier as well. I don’t know actual weights of the skis, still wonder why manufacturers don’t put weights in their catalogs….

  31. Rob says:

    I’m interested in pretty much every ski listed here (except the AK JJ and the Super 7… too big for my 5’9″ self). I ski quite a bit of deep power stuff, but our mountain occasionally gets pretty chopped up, icy, and cruddy. I’m looking for something that won’t chatter too much. I bought a pair of 4frnt CRJ’s on discount (spur-the-moment type purchase) and at high speeds, they chattered so much and I didn’t feel comfortable at all with them. So I’m looking for anything stiffer. I don’t want noodles again! Can anyone offer some advice as to the skis listed above. Or if there are any that are similar rocker/underfoot shape/size that would fit the bill?

  32. Chris says:

    Hey Kyle,

    Great reviews. I’m trying to decide between the bibbys and the jjs. I currently have a pair of 188 s7s but feel like they’re really heavy and have really soft tails. Think I’m leaning towards the bibbys just wondering at 6ft 185 would you go with the 190 or the 184? Just worried it may be too much ski in the 190. Thinking the jjs may be a bit short, I love the length of the s7 just don’t like the soft tail and weight (i tour a little). Any advice?

  33. Kyle says:

    The Bibby’s are an awesome ski for sure, between the 184′s and 190′s remember that the 184′s are a 116mm waist and the 190 is a 118mm. Which might not sound like much, but depending on the type of skiing your doing on the regular it could make a difference. The Bibby’s were for sure my favorite ski out of the JJ’s and the S7′s, I might also look at the Bent Chetlers if I was you too. They felt like a good sturdy (stiffer) ski which you might like. However, I don’t think they were any lighter than the S7′s. What kind of skiing would you say you’ll do the most? groomers, pow, sidecountry? That might be the key factor in which size to be looking at….

  34. Chris says:

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for responding, I typically don’t ski an groomers unless it’s on the way to the lift. I like charging hard and just felt the s7s were a bit squirley on landing drops and heavy in the bc. I just got a sled for this winter so hopefully it’ll be alot of deep conditions but some of my days are spent in the Tahoe thaw cycle which can make a heavy ski a little annoying. It won’t be my quiver of one but my worries are that the jj will be too similar and smaller than the s7. I love the lightness of the jj but in the Tahoe chop I may get tossed.

    I’m leaning towards the bibby 190, just hope it’s not really, really stiff. You mentioned it had play and pop so I don’t think it’ll be a problem. What do you think?

  35. chris says:

    It might be interesting to throw the Volkl Shiro into this mix…it’s the closest offering Volkl has out this year to the power house group above. I demoed them in Sun Valley in variable conditions. Nice float in the powder and I could really stand on them and ski as though I were carving a groomer. They did amazing in crud and could hold an edge on groomed but, with no camber, there isn’t any pop in the ski. That was my problem with last year’s Gotama as well. The ski is lifeless with the full length rocker running through it. Would be interested to hear how you think the Shiro’s stack up against the Bents and Bibby’s (full disclosure, I have Shiro’s on the way because anyone who ordered the day of the demo got 25% off…I’m thinking of selling them on delivery to buy the Bents or the Bibby’s…but man, those Bibby’s are UGLY!!!).

  36. Kyle says:

    I agree that the JJ’s and the S7′s are similar when it comes to their shape, but you’re right that the JJ’s are lighter. I personally like a light ski but if you’re worried about getting thrown around then it might not be the ski for you. The Bibby’s didn’t seem overly stiff to me at all and they did have a good amount of fun in them. If I was you I’d demo some Bibby’s just to make sure, but it sounds like they might be the ski your looking for. Def, atleast compare the 184′s to the 190′s just to make sure you’re grabbing the size you want though.

  37. Kyle says:

    Ha, no way Chris. The Bibby’s are sick! I love the top sheet, but to each his own. Bummer about the Shiro’s, I haven’t actually ridden them yet but it sounds like you were pretty happy with them. So is the reason you’d want to sell them because you think you could get better performance from something else? I’ll have to try and get my hands on some early in the season and possibly add them to the comparison. Thanks for adding your two cents though, always stoked to hear what others are riding and thinking!

    Anybody else out there want to weigh in on the Volkl Shiro?

  38. chris says:

    That’s exactly right on why I’m thinking of selling the Shiros: i feel the bents or bibby’s will perform equal to or better than the shiros in powder and crud but not even close to as well if the snow firms or carving groomers becomes necessary. You’re reviews both rave about the carving abilities of the bibby and bent. The Shiro will hold an edge if you get the ski tipped but there is no pop whatsoever into the next turn, likely because there is no camber underfoot. That lack of camber and full length rocker made them bulldozers in pow and crud but i didn’t get any spring between turns in crusted over 2-8″ snow that required some pretty heavy edging…they were a lot of work to throw around, especially when it got steep and speed checking became more important. I grew up carving ice in the east and now spend most of my days at Snowbird/Alta so I’m looking for the perfect Snowbird/Alta quiver. That ski needs to carve at least decently for the days when there is no new snow and i need to ski long groomers to find the next stash. Is the Bibby quite a bit stiffer than the Bent or do you think the narrow waist gave it the leg up in the carving category (esp given that it has a wider turn radius).

  39. Ken says:

    Never forget Fat-ypus skis like the D-sender,144-112-130 all strengths and no weakness.Extremely well built and does it all and Jarad the company owner will do anything for you!

  40. Kyle says:

    Well said Ken! Fat-ypus has been on my radar for a while now. I REALLY want to get on a pair this year. I’ve always heard great things about them and when you mix in positive reinforcement from those behind the curtains you know the company rocks.

  41. Cam says:

    Hey, Just curious,
    How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

  42. Kyle says:

    Cam: I’m 5’10″ and weigh 170lbs give or take. I also enjoy sunsets and long walks on the beach. Thanks for asking. ..

  43. chris says:

    so, overall, what do you think are the big differences between the bibby and the bent that set them apart for you?

  44. Chris C says:

    Does anyone have experience with any of these skis in moguls? Not icy condition moguls, but not a foot of powdery either. Steep and tall double-black moguls! I’ve read many reviews of all-mountain skis, but there isn’t much mention of bump performance. p.s. I don’t want a “full-time” mogul ski, but I spend 50% of my time in the bumps. p.p.s. I’m currently skiing a year 2000 pair of Salomon X-Screams, Yikes! Thanks!

  45. Kyle says:

    Not much bump riding for me so I can’t give out much advice there. I did ride the Line Sir Francis Bacon through a few bumps (not very well shaped however) and they seemed to perform quite well. But other than that…

  46. Joel says:

    Can you complete a comparison between the Bent’s, JJ’s, Bibby’s against the DPS Whailer RP112 pure carbons please.

  47. Kyle says:

    Hey Joel, I haven’t actually been on the Wailer’s so it’d be tough to compare them. Anyone else been on the DPS Wailer 112RP’s and want to give their $.02?

    I did find these two reviews for the DPS Wailer 112RP on Blistergearreview.com though which have some great info on the skis. Hope that helps!

  48. Jason says:

    As soon as DPS sends us some skis to review we’ll be all over it. I’m trying to make a trip to SLC this winter too, so if that happens I’ll see if I can grab a pair from their new boutique shop.

  49. Mitch says:

    Hey guys lookin for some advice for a new pair of skis for the upcoming ski season. Picked up the 175 Armada JJs awhile back but have had an eye on the Bibbys fr awhile. I’m 5’11″ 170. I’m new to the modern skis that are fatter than I’m used to but still considered all mountain. Im looking for a ski that can handle the hard pack and your average resort skiing with ease yet still float in the pow when I head to the back country. The wider skis make me cautious with the type of skiing in my area( mostly hard pack on majority of runs but powder on back side of mountain). I guess what I’m saying is the jjs I picked up I’m not sure about their stability and busted up crud and what not due to their lightness so please let me know if i shoukd keep with the JJs or perhaps consider a different ski..i.e.( francis bacons or bibbys) All help is appreciated, thanks.

  50. Kyle says:

    Just to make sure, you’d be replacing the JJ’s right? The JJ’s are a lighter ski for sure and bounce around a bit more than others in the class. From all the skis I’ve ridden in that All-Mountain fat ski (+/- 110mm underfoot) sector I thought the Rossignol Super 7′s, Atomic Bent Chetler’s, and Moment Bibby Pro’s did the best in the chopped up crud. The SFB’s were a bit on the bouncy side as well I thought but really I think they might perform the best on the groomers and hard pack. The Super 7 was an awesome ski I thought just a little more weight and stiffness than the S7 in the 188cm length. So I would recommend that unless you’re trying to tour A LOT in the backcountry, in which case you’ll probably want something a little lighter for the longer tours. One thing you might think of is keeping the JJ’s for a pow/backcountry ski and adding something like Rossignol S3 or similar to your quiver. Those would be a great addition and then you’d basically have a quiver for any condition!

  51. lamenace says:

    Hi, great review!
    I’m looking for a powder ski for french alps but i can’t make my mind.
    I’ve got a pair of Volkl Mantra, and i want a more fun ski especially for powder but that will also be good in crud and crust snow. Any idea ?
    Thanks a lot

  52. Kyle says:

    Really you can’t go wrong with any of the skis in this review. The S7′s and the JJ’s really are amazing and have the customer base to back that up. I also really liked the Moment Bibby Pro’s and the Sir Francis Bacon’s. My new favorite tho is the Lib Tech Pow NAS. Those things are amazing in everything I swear. You should definitely check them out!

    Lib Tech Pow NAS Skis/Review

  53. Lamenace says:

    I was focusing the Bent because they are cheaper, i just hope they will fit the 10% spent on the piste

  54. Kyle says:

    You know I really liked last years Bent Chetlers. I know what you mean with price too, the Lib’s are amazing but the price point def is a jump. Personally I think it’s worth it but on the other hand I don’t think you’d go wrong with the Bent Chetlers.

  55. Nola says:

    Hi there!
    I have yet to venture into a fully rockered ski, as I have my eye on a few and have no idea where to spend my $$. Also wanted to share a little bit of my experiences with a couple of the skis folks have mentioned.

    I am a lady skier, 5’9″ 140lbs. I charge quite hard through all terrain, but pow trees are my favorite. Obviously unlike most of the big fellas looking for a solid stable ski, with my lightness, I need a ski that is lighter, nimble and easy to turn.

    I currently own a pair of 2010/11 Liberty Double Helix 174s (pre-rocker). They are ok on the front side, handle decent on groomers, can be a little squirly. They bust through soft chop amazingly, but hard chop is a major chore. And in the powder, they are a dream. They pop out of turns through trees and just as easily dive back into the turn.

    I had a chance to demo the Icelantic Gypsy in all sorts of conditions last spring. That ski I thought was a lot of fun, turned on a dime, floated effortlessly and felt great on the groomer. For some reason though, it seemed a just a bit heavy, or stiff, I’m not sure exactly which. But overall, I liked that ski a lot.

    I recently had a chance to demo my Double Helix’s newer brother, the rockered version of the Double Helix in Crested Butte. I do think that overall, the rocker was a large improvement to the ski (although I spent most of the time on mostly man made groomers as it was early season, I did find a lovely patch of pow to float through). I can’t say anything on their crud performance as I couldn’t find any and they too were a bit squirly on the groomers, but the ease of turning definitely seemed to be an improvement. I do think the newer version is better.

    That very same day, Armada just happened to be demoing skis as well. I had been wanting to demo the JJ for a very long time, just to see what the hype was all about. This was my very first opportunity to hop on a pair of 175 JJs. By the time I got on these, there weren’t many conditions left besides groomers. And I can honestly say…on the groomer, the JJ was AMAZING! There was in my opinion, no comparison to the Double Helix. The JJ blew it away. I’d have to say for my personal preference and style of skiing, the JJ felt like the best ski I had ever ridden to this point (I assumed if it felt that good on a groomer, it would be even better in powder). I am quite sold on the JJ…perhaps even the VJJ. My only concern is that it may be too soft, and and the VJJ I know is even softer. I really do like to pop in and out of my turns. I am less of a buttery skier and I do like to ski switch on occasion. But then again, I am only 140lbs, so I don’t really know if softness is even an issue.

    Now onto the ski I have really been considering. I think that a 174 Bibby Pro could be my golden ride. I really like supporting the micro companies. My only issue is, I cannot find any place in the area of Western Colorado that demos them…so all I’m left with is research. I guess now, my biggest comparisons would be the Bibby Pro with the JJ or VJJ. I guess I would go with the lightest, turny ski that handles spectacularly in all conditions, has good flex and good pop. I do venture into the backcountry for short hikes. My touring setup is the new MFD Alltime system with a pair of 4FRNT Gr8ful Deadbolt bindings mounted on my Double Helixs. So obviously, the lighter the ski, the better (which is why I went with Liberty and their bamboo in the first place). Do you have any opinions as to which direction would suit me better? And maybe any places in Western Colorado that demo the Bibbys?

  56. Kyle says:

    I’m not sure when it comes to demo’s in CO. May be worth sending an email to Moment to see if they know of anyone?

  57. chris says:

    Kyle…this was a killer comp you did last year. Are you going to do it again this year? I know you’re a moment fan, have you been on the Deathwish, Governor or new Bibby yet? We chatted last year and since then I’ve moved west with Squaw as my new home base…thinking of picking up a local ski from Moment for the season. Already have the Bent Chetlers in the 186. Had a ton of fun on it last year in dumping Utah conditions and an icy week at Vail, but I wonder if it will be squirr-ly on some of the bigger, high speed, Squaw lines.

    Anyway…keep up the good work…your reviews and detail rock.


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