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Posted on January 27th, 2011 by Jason

There’s no doubt the GoPro HD has completely transformed the process of documenting our sport, from the latest web edit, to a POV of your favorite rider in the latest high budget production, the compact shooter has made it easy for anyone from bro to pro to capture their triumphs.

As great as the GoPro HD is, its makers knew there was room for improvement, which is why we got a sneak peak into some of the additions that are coming down the pipe for 2012. Check out the details and a video of the new accessories in action after the break.

  • GoPro LCD Bac Pac: Sick of not knowing what you’re actually shooting, or having to wait until you get home to view your footage? The LCD Backpack solves that problem by snapping onto the back of the GoPro and giving you a live view of what the camera is seeing, or the ability to playback footage.
  • Battery BacPac: If an LCD isn’t your style, how does double the battery life sound? The battery backpack is the same size as the LCD BacPac, and offers roughly double the battery life of the rechargeable built into the Go Pro.

Only one of the accessories can be used at a time, but chances are you’ll only be interested in one or the other. These add-ons will be officially announced next week, with availability and pricing available at that time, so stay tuned for more info. Thanks to Rick for showing us the upgrades, including a sneak peak at the GoPro 3D setup that will be available sometime later this year.

2012 GoPro HD LCD Backpack Upgrade from Skiers Realm on Vimeo.

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6 Responses to “2012 GoPro HD Camera Accessories #SIA11”

  1. RIchard McDaud says:

    This is the best accessory at the SIA show. Incredivle and great HD.

  2. Shawn B says:

    Will it fit in the standard case? If not, did the showcase the new case as well?

  3. Shawn B says:

    How do you use the LCD while mounted to get your helmet POV perfect, then turn off the LCD to preserve your batteries? Do you have to unclip the mount and then remove the LCD screen?

  4. Jason says:

    Nope, it won’t fit in the standard case, but it ships with a new deeper back piece that replaces the original one.

    Realistically the LCD doesn’t make much sense if you helmet mount your Go Pro, other than for reviewing a clip after you shoot it. I don’t think you’d use the live view all that much, unless you’ve got your camera on a pole or something.

    The LCD can be turned off with it still attached to the camera.

  5. J-Bo says:

    Jason is right. The LCD although cool and probably something I will buy in the next month will only be a necessity if I have a pole mount.

    I have been waiting for an extended battery pack for a while. I find that they don’t last long enough in the cold and this will help me out a lot.

    Any other cool things in the booth this year? Stoked to see that 3D setup in action too.

  6. Jason says:

    3D was the other noteworthy item. We debated about whether or not to post something on it, but ultimately decided not to, as unless you were there to experience the footage in person, it would just like look out of focus video.

    They’re still a little ways off from bringing that to market though, so hopefully we’ll have a chance to preview it in person, and do a full review once it’s a little closer. I will say that the footage they were displaying that was shot with the dual GoPro setup was very impressive (especially the snorkeling video).

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