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Posted on February 2nd, 2011 by Kyle

This is what we found at the DPS booth while at SIA. If you know the company then you know their only goal is to create the ski possible, and they’re doing a pretty good job of it. Their uniquely shaped skis, from their well known Lotus 138, to the Cassiars, continue to turn heads, especially when it comes to their deep powder performance (they are located minutes from LCC after all). Next year’s line up looks more than up to the task of living up to the reputation the company has for incredibly innovative skis that perform well and are built to exacting standards.

The DPS Spoon

The real excitement for 2012 (and beyond) is a completely unique pre-production prototype that was on display in the DPS booth. Easily the most unique ski on display this year,the Spoon is a beast designed solely for ripping deep pow at high speeds. Obviously the base profile is the unique aspect of the Spoon, which features over a centimeter of rocker from one edge to the next, as you can see from the pictures and video below. That amount of curvature makes it nearly impossible to rotate the ski on edge far enough to actually stop, so DPS has added flat spots in front of and behind the bindings which makes it possible for the edge to make contact with the snow, which is a good thing, because even on powder days you have to be able to dump speed at the bottom of the lift.

DPS Spoon 150 Big Mountain Prototype from Skiers Realm on Vimeo.

Check the gallery below along with the Dimensions underneath.

DPS Skis:::::::::::

Wailer 95: 165, 175, 185-126/95/113

Wailer 105: 178, 188-131/105/119

Wailer 112RP: 168, 178, 190-141/112/128

Cassiar 80: 166, 178-121/78/108

Lotus 120: 178, 190, 200-140/120/125

Lotus 138: 192, 202-140/138/139

Rita: 165, 175-125/95/114

Yvette: 168, 178-141/112/128

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