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Posted on January 20th, 2011 by Kyle

Black Diamond is introducing several new models for the 2012 season. Some are old models that will be completely remodeled from tip to tail and others are completely new to Black Diamond. Two of the brand new models to hit the line up for 2012 are Black Diamonds Amp & Element skis. Both are made to be big-mountain inspired skis with a hybrid “fun-shape” design that you can take anywhere from the backcountry to the groomers. Both will feature a 115mm waist, camber underfoot and full Rocker in the tip and tail. On top of that Formula One Technology construction with three ribs and Torsion Box construction provide maximum torsional stiffness, while an Ollie Bar in the tail provides extra pop on takeoffs and prevents wheelie-outs on landings. Now I don’t know about you but when I hear the words “Ollie Bar” and “extra pop” my ears perk up. Especially coming from a snowboarding background. The ability to ollie and pop off things completely changes the way a mountain rides. Style is born. I’m not really sure if I understand what this means but according to Black Diamond these two model’s optimal use will be in 60% soft snow/40% hard snow. But whatever, they sound bomber!

The Amp, which is marketed as a unisex ski will be available in sizes: 165(139-115-123) & 175(141-115-123) & 185 (142-115-124). Weight: 4.3 kg per pair (175 cm, Amp)

The Element, a women’s specific ski, will come in a 165(139-115-123) & 175(141-115-123). Weight: 3.8 kg per pair (165 cm, Element)

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  1. Bwilliams says:

    The amps look sweet. I’ll be looking into these.

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