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Posted on February 24th, 2011 by Kyle

While up at Mission Ridge for the NW On Snow Demo I was able to get on a pair of the 2012 Atomic Bent Chetlers…finally! This is a ski that I’ve had some heavy interest in over the last year but just had yet to ride a pair myself. When you look at who’s currently on the Bent Chetlers, I think it’s natural to want to ski them. You have Chris Benchetler himself, Dana Flahr, Tim Durtschi, and Sage Cattabriga-alosa all ripping around on them at the moment, and all 4 throw down heavy. So it really is an understatement to say I was pumped to get on them. The snow conditions weren’t the greatest and it wasn’t deep pow but it was actually great demo snow. There was ice, smooth groomers, choppy/cut up pow and if you looked hard enough off piste you could find some days old fresh snow.

So right from the start I was impressed at how stable the Bent Chetler felt. Cruising get-backs and some easy going runs at low speeds they were solid, no squirreliness at all. I really liked this because too often I feel that there can be a sacrifice between a pow ski and it’s ability to hold tight while on the traverse. Not the Bent Chetler’s. When I pointed them straight and let em’ loose I was just as impressed. These things just seemed to bulldoze over whatever was in their path. Super solid in the big arching turns whether in crud or soft groomer. This was what I really thought set them apart because most the other skis I rode up there didn’t feel quite as solid. On a whole I really felt comfortable in taking the Bent Chetler wherever I wanted, the ski just performed in whatever I was riding in. On the groomers I was stoked to find that the Bent Chetler was able to get up on the rails and carve out some turns, again at high and low speeds. The turning radius might have felt a little big for true carving, but in reality that’s what I’d prefer. I mean this ski is made to rock the backcountry and hold it together in the bigger lines. I’d expect it to make big ole’ arching turns. What was equally impressive was how smooth they were going in and coming out of the turns. Where as with the Armada JJ I felt a little hang up coming out, the Icelantic Keeper didn’t want to do anything but be on edge, and the Rossignol Super 7 was super smooth but it almost felt like an “edge” or nothing ski. The Bent Chetler was smooooooth like a babies butt, easily guiding you into your turn and cranking when you wanted to crank and then gently leading you out as if to pat you and say “nice job man”. They were playful as well and seemed to like to pop off of all the little hits I could find. Which definitely makes skiing the more tame terrain a fun time. Watch Chris Benchetler in any of his segments, you can see they’re designed to be a playful ski as well as a charger. I really liked Atomic’s Pop Rocker that’s found in the skis. Traditional camber underfoot with some early rise rocker in the tip and tails made it easy to roll over the crud and bumps but didn’t give off any chatter effect. This I think is clutch because both the JJ and the Super 7′s have a little bit of chatter at high speeds when going over the chunky smut.For a wide ski, the Atomic Bent Chetler’s really perform as if they were skinnier in the waist. I think that is what blew me away the most, I kept thinking to myself “I can’t believe this ski is this wide…”. I was almost in disbelief at how agile they were for the size.

All the above is why I rated the 2012 Atomic Bent Chetler my 2nd favorite ski of the day. The Moment Bibby Pro was first and if I had to choose between the two I really don’t know which I’d choose. I think the Moment took first because I had no idea about the ski before hand, and the Bent Chetler I already expected a sic ski just because of who’s riding it. So the ranking might not be fair. Especially when you look at the fact that the Bent Chetler is sold out arond the land. Don’t believe me….Backcountry.com. But I do know that I’d be more than stoked to rock the Atomic Bent Chetler all day every day. So if you’re looking for the perfect ski for your one ski quiver, I’d have no problem recommending the Bent Chetler to anyone. The same goes as well to anyone who’s looking for a deep pow ski. Because even though I didn’t have the chance to ride them in 18″ deep blower, I’ve seen it done in many a video segment and after seeing how they rode in marginal snow there’s no question in my mind that they’d be awesome in the deep.

Buy 2012 Atomic Bent Chetler’s Here !

Here’s a sneak peek vid from rateskigear.com to go along with our review. Boom.

19 Responses to “2012 Atomic Bent Chetler: Official Review”

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  2. Frank says:

    Hey Kyle,

    I was just wondering how much you weigh and what height you are,and these were the 183 cm bents right?

  3. Kyle says:

    5’10″ and 170-175lbs depending on the day…And yes they were the 183′s.

  4. Frank says:

    Okey, thanks Kyle.

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  6. jacob says:

    So would you recommend these over the Line SFB’s? thanks

  7. Kyle says:

    Depends man, what’s the terrain/conditions you’re usually riding? And what kind of skier are you would you say? They’re both pretty bomber, but there is a def difference in size and how they ski…

  8. jacob says:

    Basically everything… but i want a ski that really performs on steep faces, medium depth powder, tackles cliff drops and jumps pretty well and will also work alright on groomed runs. I guess my style is more suited to quick, agile turns. I’m about 5’9 and weigh 60kg so i’m also unsure of which lengths i should go for since i’m quite slim for my height…
    Thanks for helping me out, i really appreciate it

  9. Kyle says:

    What’s your experience so far on wider skis, you ski anything very wide underfoot right now? The big diff between the SFB’s and the Bent Chet’s is the ski dimensions. 108mm underfoot for the sf’s and 123mm for the BC’s. So really the BC’s are going to be more of a comparison to the Line Mr. Pollards Opus. When you say you want quick and agile that makes me think first of the SFB’s. But the Bent’s are going to be more of a big mountain ski than the SFB’s, that’s where my mind goes when you say steep faces. But I also think I might be picturing what you’re saying wrong. Pow skis are going to go to the Bent Chet’s, cliff drops to the BC’s probably too just because they’re a bit more stout than the SFB’s. Jumps I think it’s probably a wash, unless you’re talking park, then I’ll say the SFB’s would be better suited. If you’re main focus is off piste then either are going to be just fine on the groomers. But really the SFB’s will perform a bit better on the groomers just because of their shape and dimensions. For lengths, the Bent Chet’s start at a 183cm so I’ll recommend that if you go with Atomic. The SFB’s give you a couple smaller options with a 172cm and 178cm and then also a 184cm. I wouldn’t go any shorter than the 178cm if I was you, especially if you’re a confident skier. The 184cm is probably about perfect for you. Hope that helps out with your decision!

  10. jacob says:

    Just bought a pair of SFB’s in 178 (but they still seem pretty long for me, probably since they’re twin tipped though)!! You were right about the width difference, 108 seems perfect for me since i haven’t had much experience on anything bigger that a 90 before. Looks like i’ll just have to spend a little more time in the gym this summer!
    I’m so excited to try these out… only problem is that i’ll have to wait till next winter! Although i’m looking a cheeky 5 days heli skiing in newzealand to treat myself ;)
    Thanks for all your help, i didn’t realise people on the internet could be so helpful!

    All the best!!


  11. Kyle says:

    Glad to hear you’re stoked Jacob! Those skis are going to be bomber for you next year.

  12. LA says:

    Hey kyle, which ski would u recomend the armada jj or the bc??
    I am 5’10 and weigh about 82 kilos ride mostly offpiste and as much pow as possible, i guess i’m a advanced/expert skier and love jumping cliffs!


  13. Kyle says:

    I personally thought the Bent Chetler’s were more stiff than the JJ’s. Since you said you’re into cliffs I’d go with those. They’re a super agile ski and dominate pow. This year they even made em’ a bit more stiff without losing any of their playfulness in my eyes. Go for the BC’s!

  14. LA says:

    Thanks for the answer kyle!! Do the bc’s work good in the trees aswell?? Cuz they have a 18m radius against the 14m on the jj?!


  15. Charles says:

    Your grammar is terrible.

  16. brad says:

    what size would be good for a intermeite skier

  17. Kyle says:

    Brad, being 6’6″ I would probably go for the 192′s. Evo has some good specs on them here…evo – Bent Chetlers 192cm

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