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Posted on March 16th, 2011 by Kyle

Now the current updates from the Red Bull Cold Rush might not say who took home 1st place from the slopestyle portion of the but I know. Because twitter told me. And then the video below told me who won the women’s side and confirmed my twitter viewing. Grete Eliassen took home the top honors for the women and according to a tweet by @Timdurstchi…he won. So congrats to them.  Super pumped for Tim and the way he’s representing great state of Oregon. One thing is clear, all the athletes are digging the contest. There seems to be a really positive vibe going on and everyone is stoked to be skiing with all their friends. Check out the course Pep Fujas has been working on the last two weeks up in Silverton; the video from day 2 of the Red Bull Cold Rush awaits you.

To read more on day 2′s shake down and see some pretty rad pics, check out redbullusa.com

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