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Posted on April 30th, 2009 by Spencer

JOSS Winners, Team Norway
Skiers: PK Hunder, Andreas Håtveit
Videographers: Filip Christensen, Jon Håtveit
Photographer: Thomas Kleiven

Team Europe
Skiers: Laurent Favre, Henrik Harlaut
Videographers: Joakim Åslund, Andreas Olofsson
Photographer: Erik Wibeaus

Team Canada
*My personal favorite.
Skiers: Tom James Schiller, Ian Cosco
Videographers: Darren Rayner, Neil Sotirakopoulos
Photographer: Damian Cromwell

Team Sweden
Skiers: Jacob Wester, Jon Olsson
Videographers: Johnny DeCesare, Drew Lederer
Photographer: Mattias Fredriksson

Team Down Under
Skiers: JossiWells.com, Russ Henshaw
Videographers: Kris Ostness, Rob Norman
Photographer: Tony Harrington

Via EXPN Freeskiing Blog

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