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Posted on February 2nd, 2010 by Spencer

We have seen TJ, Andreas and some of the other 6.0 athletes wearing what looked to be technical outerwear with the logo we are oh so familiar with. Well here it is. The Nike 6.0 Outerwear line dropped and it is DOPE. I am so stoked on the designs presented this year at SIA. The only question I have now is… Who on the team is going to wear it? Props to all the boys and girls in Beaverton.

Nike 6.0 is proud to announce TJ Schiller, Jossi Wells and Andreas Hatveit on Nike 6.0 outerwear. The three skiers will be rocking the first collection of 6.0 outerwear this season, including during the Winter X Games.

Nike 6.0 outerwear was designed to meet the demands of the 6.0 athletes, with an emphasis on sustainability. TJ was the first athlete to sign on to outerwear and led the development of the debut collection.

“Nike sat me down, asked me about my needs for outerwear and where I wanted to go with my skiing. They listened, took all my feedback, and put it directly into the product,” said TJ, the defending 2009 X Games Ski Slopestyle Champion. “It’s pretty sick to be asked how you want to impact your sport, then given the keys. Needless to say, I’m pretty psyched to be on board with the 6.0 outerwear program. Looking forward to taking it to the next level.”

6.0 outerwear fuses Nike heritage with a focuse on eco-friendly materials. The entire collection features trims and zippers made of recycled footwear. Several key pieces utilize recycled shell fabrics and recycled liner materials and future seasons will continue this focus. Nike 6.0 outerwear will be available at select retailers fall 2010.

“Nike come up in the spot, lookin’, smellin’, feelin’ like a million bucks,” said Jossi, who recently took home gold at the SnowBasin Winter Dew Tour Halfpipe competition. “I love wearing product that is the most comfortable, functional and coolest looking out on the slopes and this gear also has a good conscious.”

At Winter X Games 14, Jossi, TJ and Andreas will be competing in the brand new outerwear alongside 6.0 team members Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson and Tucker Perkins.

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  2. Spencer says:

    Newschoolers requested all media from them be taken down last night so I had to find other sources.

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