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Posted on January 26th, 2011 by Spencer

Watch live streaming video from xgames at livestream.com

Finally found what I was looking for… The Winter X Games 15 raw live stream. I previewed the first news conference for WX15 and a little ski halfpipe practice session earlier this afternoon. Give it a look to get in the mood for the production on ESPN this weekend. I haven’t seen this much coverage of the Winter X-Games since there were modified shovels and motorcycles with spikes in the mix.

2 Responses to “Aspen’s Winter X Games 15 Raw Live Stream”

  1. Nicolas Lavergne says:

    I would like you guys to talk more about Phil Casabon 4th finisher last years i wanna know how he’s doing in practice and if you guys think he has a chance to medal this year.

  2. Spencer says:

    Hopefully it will be good. I did check out phil’s new orage outerwear and it looks sick. We will have pictures tonight or tomorrow.

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