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Posted on January 17th, 2011 by Spencer

Sean Pettit throws down at the 2011 Red Bull Linecatcher competition in Vars, France. The young Canadian never lost his top spot in the field but that did not stop Italy’s Markus Eder or Bend Oregon’s Tim Durtschi from gunning for him (we do not promote skier on skier violence) throughout the competition. While most skiers were taking the first run easy Pettit and Durtschi stepped on the gas. Skiersrealm will post video footage when it is available so check back soon.


Final Results:1. Sean Pettit, 2. Markus Eder, 3. Tim Durtschi, 4. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, 5. Chris Booth, 6. Leo Taillefer, 7. Wiley Miller, 8. JP Auclair, 9. Richard Permin, 10. Mathieu Imbert, 11. Nicolas Vuignier, 12. Anthony Boronowski, 13. Chris Benchetlerr, 14. Bene Mayr, 15. Rory Bushfield

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