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Posted on February 12th, 2010 by Spencer

Feb 11 @ Noon
University of Arizona-UA Mall-Tucson AZ

Feb 19 @ 2pm
Arizona State-SRC Field-Tempe AZ

Feb 25 @ Noon
University of Utah-Union Patio Lawn-Salt Lake City UT

Mar 4 @ 5pm
University of Colorado-The Hill-Boulder CO

Mar 11 @ 3pm
Boise State University-Bronco Stadium-Boise ID

Mar 18 @ 4pm
Gonzaga- Spokane WA

April 2 @ 2pm
University of Nevada- Reno NV

April 8 @ 5pm
University of California- San Diego CA

May 21 @ 2pm
Oregon State-MU QUAD-Corvallis OR

May 28 @ 4pm | Pioneer Square- Portland OR

The Campus Rail Jam Tour is a grassroots snow sports movement, dedicated to promoting the amateur ski and snowboard scene. We are after all the “up-and-comers” and those who are “about to blow up.” Yeah, you. Oh wait…you don’t have a deodorant sponsor or your own pro-model? Well, that’s cool too. We are down for anyone who knows how to throw down on a snowstick (or sticks!). Don’t get us wrong, we are stoked to have professional shred celebs come to our events, but if you talk up your game, be prepared to buy us and all our ramen-eating college students copious amounts of alcohol at the after party.

5 Responses to “Campus Rail Jam Tour Stop Schedule”

  1. CO Kyle & Co. says:

    Need a COCC stop!

  2. Spencer says:

    Or at least hit up U of O

  3. Jason says:

    I can’t believe they don’t have one at COCC, makes no sense.

  4. CO Kyle & Co. says:

    Pioneer square could be cool.

  5. Jason says:

    Yeah, that would be an awesome urban setting. Too bad it may be hard enough to find snow in the mountains to put on an event in May this year.

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