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Posted on September 28th, 2010 by Spencer

The 2010 Freestyle.ch has come and gone and the 2010/2011 season is right around the bend. I was just starting to enjoy my summer here in Oregon, but I guess it is time to get my skis mounted and waxed (We have to wax in Oregon because the snow has little baby arms that grab you). The Freestyle.ch gives me the chance to speculate who made it up to Hood and Blackcomb in the off season. You can tell by an athlete’s demeanor and style.

The toughest competitor on the ramp this year was moister, dripping off the limited edition goggles warn by skiing’s elite athletes. After checking out the videos from the event I could not determine a clear winner. I will tell you one thing… I can’t watch anymore double corks. I am sorry but Sammy Carlson made it boring when he landed a triple at Mt Hood during the filming of the new TGR film. The FreeStyle.ch was everything we expected from the action sports festival. Henrik Harlaut, Elias Ambühl, Andreas Håtveit, and PK Hunder held it down. I truly didn’t expect a Euro sweep of the podium but the Americans did hold it down for the other half of the top ten. GO USA

2010 FreeStyle.ch Results
1) Henrik Harlaut
2) Elias Ambühl
3) Andreas Håtveit
4) PK Hunder
5) Bene Mayr
6) Sammy Carlson
7) Tom Wallisch
8) Simon Dumont
9) Russ Henshaw
10) Jon Olsson
11) Paddy Graham
12) Nicolas Vuignier
13) Markus Eder
14) TJ Schiller
15) Laurent Favre
16) Jacob Wester

Check out the 2010 Freestyle.ch Video and Results

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