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Who is SkiersRealm?

We are Skiers. Just like you we share a passion for Skiing, for Winter, and for the Outdoors. In some way or another the sport of Skiing has touched our lives and helped lead us to wherever we are at this very moment. For us here at SkiersRealm it has given us an opportunity to help our fellow skiers and give back to the sport we love ,and that’s motivating to us. The ability to help grow our industry for the better by passing along to our friends (and if you ski we consider you our friend) and newcomers the stoke that we feel about the sport is an amazing thing. Our goal is to be more than another online ski retail joint, but to be an experience and a knowledge base that ultimately enriches the ski experience of everyone we meet.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, and more specifically Bend, Oregon we’re lucky in that living a balanced life is easy to accomplish. But just because something is easy doesn’t make it any less important, which is why we’ve chosen to live and do business here. With the Deschutes National Forest bordering the city and Mt. Bachelor 20 minutes away, no matter what season it is you’re only minutes if not seconds away from outdoor adventure. Biking, fishing, hunting, hiking, climbing, camping, and of course skiing! We literally live in the middle of it all and when it comes to skiing we see some of the greatest snow in the world and usually lots of it. The storms that roll through this region regularly bring with them 60+ mph winds, rime, and zero visibility. They can be ruthless and would turn many skiers away, however, here it’s just what we know. Around here whether its blue bird or gale force, it’s still just another great day to go skiing. But don’t be scared of a little tough weather, because in this area it can be gusting enough to blow you over and snowing over an inch an hour and next thing you know its sunny as far as the eye can see. In fact, 300+ days of at least seeing the sun is not an uncommon thing here. It’s a pretty amazing place to call home and that’s how we want it to stay. Which is why we believe our responsibility to the sport of Skiing goes beyond you the customer, the companies we deal with, and the Industry as a whole. Keeping our outdoors and our earth healthy is a belief that we are firmly planted in. Its important to live a life that you could be be proud of if tomorrow happen to be your last and to us that means doing what we can to preserve this beautiful planet and her seasons for our children’s children and further into the future.

SkiersRealm started as a blog. For no other reason than somebody who loved skiing wanted to pass that love on to as many other people as possible. And thanks to the Internet, spreading the love is easier than ever these days. But over the years we started to notice a gap between the online ski universe and the real world of skiing. More specifically, we began to see there was something missing when it came to online ski retail. That personal experience and interaction you get when you step into your local ski shop just wasn’t there. Whether it’s talking to employees, checking out new gear, or just hanging out and telling stories with the locals, the experience is so much more when you physically walk into a shop. So it became a goal of ours to help bridge that gap and create an place online to truly enrich the ski experience of everyone who visits our site.

We aren’t here to push product on you and we firmly believe in only recommending those products or companies in which we would be proud ourselves to associate with. There are enough retailers out there already, both brick and mortar and online, who’s main goal is to just sell as much ski equipment as possible. Doesn’t matter what it is or what they have to tell you to make that sale, until they unload it on you, it’s exactly what you need. With SkiersRealm you can bet your season pass that you won’t ever find a product on our site that we wouldn’t use ourselves or wouldn’t look you in the eye and stand behind our recommendation. For us, the end goal is not the sale, it’s the creating of and maintaining the many friendships, partnerships, and relationships along the way. It’s our belief that if you treat everyone with the respect they deserve and put their needs first, the sales will follow naturally. This is a dream recognized to us, and last I checked, nobody dreams about riding with shitty gear. We aren’t here to just trade your money for our product, we’re here to make sure you make the right decision and get exactly what you want and need.

To us the Ski Industry is close knit community of people sharing a common passion and that’s who we want to represent. It’s all about that feeling you get when you’re sharing turns with your best friends. Or a silent nod to the stranger you’re happen to be sharing a skin track with on your way a local secret stash. It’s about getting buried by face shots over and over again in the best snow of your life and nobody but your iPod to share it with, and of course it’s also about the beers afterwards with your friends because you know you’re going to tell them how epic it was.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines a Realm simply as; A Kingdom. And that’s exactly what skiing is. Every mountain. Every turn. Every Winter. Everywhere the snow falls. As skiers, this is all of our Kingdom. Welcome to the SkiersRealm.